buddying the fuck out of a town member when you’re mafia so if you go down they’re going down with you #littleepicmafiathings

i’m the only person in this prechat with a canon username and coloured text this is elitism at it’s finest 



12 players

not strict but its still ic. u can make jokes

8p ic closed roles dang maf if anyone cares

hey, uhm is that post you made in the dangan mafia tag about transboynagito a joke or were you being serious? sorry i'm having a hard time telling

wait what do you mean they were sending it to me as a joke i don’t actually think they’re fucked up i just thought it was funny

(also i’m not that mean i wouldn’t have posted it if i was angry or anything)

mijung transboynagito is fucked up

mijung transboynagito is fucked up

hey there, are you still using this url? c:

yeah, sorry!! it’s not Super Active but i still use it